The Replase Saga (Celestial Mechanics)

The Relapse Saga

1. Issue of a periodical of an earlier date
Unaffected by events
Whole area behind and belonging
Especially in the expression shown
From one place to another
Back again repeatedly

2. Often less significant is the incident
With reference to conflicts in narrative
Usually in questions and negative sentences

3. Abstaining from an indulgence
Existing in thought or theory
Rather than matter or practice

From general principle to particular instance
Depending on chance or random choice
Information or evidence to the contrary

4. Things coming in great numbers and with force
A hail of bullets, blows and curses
Interrupt and harass at a public meeting
With troublesome questions and rude remarks

5. The witness held back material facts
A set of pictures of different features
That can be fitted together

Meaning which is not clear from the meaning
Of individual words
That must be learnt as a whole unit

An illuminating analysis
One that might influence a decision
With details of scenes and plot
Out of the sight of the audience
Obsessed by mistaken beliefs
And abnormal tendency to suspect
The accused sat impassively
Expressing surprise but not disbelief

6. Consciousness aware of itself
Dealing with first principles
Existence as distinct
From possession of attributes

7. Circumstances that follow as consequence
Summary of the subject matter
Coming after all others in order
With reference to essential matters
Something unknown that is likely to influence a result

8. Abstaining from an indulgence
Existing in thought or theory
Rather than matter or practice
From general principle to particular instance
A trivial conclusion to something significant
Achieving effect by form and colour

Depending on chance or random choice

9. Peculiar song accompanied by wailing
Continue to be in the specified condition

A set of rules that relate quantities
With definite predictions
About the results of future observations
Example that is relevant to the matter
Familiarity gained by experience
Information or evidence to the contrary

An absence of absolute rest
Introducing the subject of the action
Indicating what is measured counted or contained

10. Sight taken towards the last station passed
Painful experience of hallucination
Characteristic activity of part
In relation to the whole
Coming at the end of series
Nearest in time preceding the present
Unbearable climax of many annoyances
Happening towards the end of a stated period
A secondary consequence of a complex structure
That involves charging excessively high prices

11. Mental impression produced by wording
To seem upon being heard
Based on valid reasoning
And esoteric doctrines
The direct or intuitive attainment
Of communion with God
A complex of quasi- mystical attitudes
To puzzle and perplex

12. Limiting rules and circumstances
Explicable on ground of consistency
Having the greater of two recognized durations
The theory of method or grounds of knowledge
Imaginative composition with no fixed form
Indicating the nearness of possibility
Infrequent with long period of waiting involved

13. The truth or value of a theory
Only by it’s practical results
Earlier event regarded as a rule
Restatement in shortened form
Manner of speaking contrasted
Forming part of a scheme
Or an advantage for a particular purpose

Achievement of a desired end
Of the kind specified earlier


Ola-Dele Kuku © 1990 – Milano

Celestial Mechanics


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